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God has blessed St. John’s since 1862 with faithful members, pastors, and newcomers. We’re a congregation of sinners and saints of all ages. Our worship blends traditional and contemporary, with opportunities for growth, fellowship, and service. We extend Christ’s welcome to all who seek to worship, know, and serve the Lord.

Saturday Worship 5:00 pm  – We’ll worship in the parking lot when the weather is good!
Sunday Worship 8:00 & 9:45 am 
9:45 worship is also on Facebook Live.


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Pastor's Message
Dear St. John's Friends and Family,

Our Monday morning study group is taking a quick look at the little book of Ecclesiastes, part of the "Wisdom" writings of the Old Testament. The best known part of that book is the poem: "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to reap; a time for love and a time for hate...."

After a busy and somewhat chaotic summer for people and for the world, I pray that September may offer a time for all the essential things in your life. Time to get kids off to a good start at school. Time to launch your young adult off to college or beyond. Time to catch your breath! Time to get that doctor's appointment you've been waiting for-or putting off! Time to 'get your bearings' again-whether that be a little change of pace, or making time for worship or small group discussions. Time to find some better balance between work and family and play. Time to give thanks-that God is good and that God provides! Maybe some time to serve, and time to reach out?

As Church this month, we're going to make time for baptisms, a wedding, and at least one funeral. We look forward to parents and students making time for Sunday School and Confirmation classes. We're excited that Choir and Band and Bell-Choir will make time for special music. And, we're gonna make time to celebrate!

The most famous sound bite from the little book of Ecclesiastes is "Eat, drink, be merry!" (I'm conveniently ignoring the 2nd half of that verse!) But this opportunity is before us especially on September 11, when we are celebrating 160 Years of Ministry; my 40th Ordination Anniversary; and 'Mortgage Burning' (for having payed off our building loan)! Can I get an "Alleluia??"

So please plan on gathering at Jackson Park (across from the school), on Sunday the 11th for 10:00 worship, a great picnic, and just a real good time to enjoy being church! We have much to be thankful for and much to look forward to! It's a day to look back to what God has done among us, and to what God can still do with us as a congregation that shares the love and welcome and Good News of Jesus Christ! (The day will be even better if you will invite friends, relatives, and neighbors!)

As one my favorite mentors and entertainers, Red Green used to say, "We're all in this together!" (And we say:) Thanks be to God!

-Pastor Paul

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Posted on Sep 17 2022
Genesis 12 = Call of Abram and Sarai Bible Background: This is where the stories of God and God’s world move from “pre-history” to identifiable people, places, and dates. God’s dealing with humankind now focuses on one older, childless couple, to whom God promises many
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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Posted on Aug 12 2022
John 6 = Feeding of the 5,000+ Bible Background: The Feeding of the 5,000 is perhaps Jesus’ most memorable miracle, and the only one recorded in all 4 gospels! But John doesn’t “do” ‘miracles’. John calls them ‘signs’. Signs point to something
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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Posted on Aug 05 2022
John 21=Do you love me? Bible Background: In John’s Gospel, this is the 3rd and final time the risen Jesus appears to his disciples. It’s at the lakeshore. The disciples have gone fishing (likely for ‘work’). The risen Christ directs them to an amazing catch of fish.
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Sunday, July 31st, 2022

Posted on Aug 01 2022
The 9th & 10th Commandments=You Shall Not Covet Bible Background: Commandments #9 & #10 prohibit coveting. To covet is to want something badly, which is not rightfully ours. Part of the job of loving our neighbor has to do with respecting their relationships and property. In the
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