Sunday, May 27, 2018

Posted on May 25 2018
THE CALL OF ISAIAH Bible Background: Isaiah the prophet was from the Southern Kingdom (Judah), and appears on the scene in about 738 BC, at a time of major political uncertainty. The superpower, Assyria, was breathing down on smaller kingdoms. Israel (Northern Kingdom) would fall in 721 BC. The
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Pentecost Sunday – May 20, 2018

Posted on May 17 2018
PENTECOST! Bible Background: Acts 2 tells the story of how a Jewish harvest festival provided the setting for the Holy Spirit to appear in force. (Pentecost=50th day.)The original gathering is of Jews from every nation on earth. The Spirit will propel the apostles and the Good News out into the
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Posted on May 08 2018
ACTS 1:12-26 = REPLACING JUDAS Bible Background: We’ve covered a number of stories in Acts. Now the lectionary sends us back to chapter 1, to get us ready for the Pentecost story-which happens next week! This scene takes place immediately after Jesus’ final instructions to the
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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Posted on May 04 2018
GOING DEEPER INTO ACTS 10:34-48 Bible Background: This passage is sometimes cited as “Pentecost for the Gentiles”. It’s where the Jewish believers see and realize that the Holy Spirit is actively bringing non-Jews to faith in Jesus. Caesarea was a modern Roman city and seaport
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