Quilting Sheets & Kit Items Needed!

Thank you to everyone who donated in some way to provide 179 quilts and 40 health kits to adults and children in need in 2016.

For families who have lost everything due to a natural disaster or violence, small items of comfort — a warm quilt, or a bar of soap — let them know someone overseas cares.

Our quilters are in need of sheets – double size flat sheets work the best, but they’ll take any size flat sheet.

Ruth Circle challenges all members and friends of St. John’s to bring in items for Lutheran World Relief Personal Care Kits.  We have about 300 households in our congregation.  We’d like to assemble 300 kits!  The items that go into each kit are:  1 bath size towel (dark color preferred); 2 bath size soaps in original wrapping; 1 large, sturdy comb; 1 metal nail clipper; 1 adult toothbrush.  All items in these kits can be purchased for less than $8!  You may buy all items for a kit or just a few items.  Please bring items to church anytime in May & place them by the display in the Gathering Space.

If you would like us to do the shopping, you can place monetary donations in the jar in the Gathering Space. (Check should be made to “St. John’s).  If you have any questions, please talk to Wendy Heidtke or Susan Heidtke. Let’s all do our part to meet this challenge.